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St Michael's Parent - Teacher Association

When considering St Michael's JMI School there is no doubt about the leadership, the dedication and excellence of the teaching staff, the effective and high quality of the education and the wonderful standards of learning and behaviour shown by the children from the school. What more could any parent ask of the school their child goes to?

Ideally - absolutely nothing! The Government pays for all and the school does a brilliantly professional job of managing the bountiful resources! Almost true - the school's management of funds is indeed brilliant and extremely professional - sadly the resources are not always bountiful - nor, it seems, does the Government pay for all - no matter what they claim!

Which is where the PTA comes in - the shining knight appearing at the moment of crisis who, with a wave of the fantasy sword, produces the funds and solves all the school's little financial problems! Ah ... sweet fantasy !

So - who or what is the Parent - Teacher Association?
It is exactly what it says - an association of all the teachers and all the parents who have children in the school - you don't join and you can't opt out - you are part of the association the moment a child of yours dons the school uniform and walks in through the school gate! How involved you become in the activities of the PTA depends on you - your commitments, interests, free time and abilities. At one end of the scale you can put yourself forward and be elected onto the committee, help organise and run events during the year or - at the other end - simply turn up and support some of the events. Both roles are desperately important and, between the extremes, something very useful happens - money is generated!

And money, when all the socialising, greeting, eating and drinking, hard work, pride and pleasure is put aside - is the bottom line. Money to provide the "extras" that can change an "education" into a rich learning experience for our children - books for the library, school trips to historical sites, theatre and field trips. Sports equipment, transport to go swimming, classroom assistants, white boards, black boards, new toilets, computers - even school extensions!

To raise the money the PTA organises a wide variety of events throughout the year (about once a month during term times) - quiz nights, fashion evenings, discos, shopping evenings and the "big" events - the Summer Fayre, the Christmas Bazaar, an occasional "Pantomime" and in 2004 and 2005 even a Summer Ball! All the events are "great fun" to organise and great fun to attend - and they help, potentially, to involve all the parents into the school activities - which in turn helps make the school a wonderful environment for our children to learn in.

So - to all reluctant parents - join in - become a little involved - everything helps. Why not stand for the committee? Don't think you can't make a contribution - of course you can - everyone's ideas are valued. Just because something has been done in a certain way for the past ten years doesn't mean it cannot be improved on - and your idea or suggestion may just raise the extra penny that helps put a smile on all our children's faces ... and what more could any parent ask of the school their child goes to?