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St. Michael's C of E (VA) Primary School

Apton Road, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire. CM23 3SN
Tel: 01279 652607   Fax: 01279 654253
Headteacher: Mrs L. Dale

School Aims

Mission Statement

At St. Michael's School we wish to respond to the diverse range of gifts and abilities found within our community so that each individual may be helped to grow in confidence, knowledge and awareness. As a church school, we aim to develop and maintain a Christian ethos. Excellence and high personal achievement will always be promoted. At St. Michael's we will be endeavouring to promote a love for learning, a love for life, a love for childhood and a love for one another.

A Love for Learning

Most young children are naturally curious about the world around them and eager to learn. We wish to capitalise and respond to young minds. Pupils will be encouraged to express themselves, ask questions and use their imagination. Teachers will nurture creative and logical thinking and stimulate the pupils to explore further. The children will be given opportunities to continue their work and activities at home when appropriate. The value of long-life learning will be upheld and emphasised.

A Love for Life

We believe life is precious and to be cherished and that each individual has something unique to offer. We aim to help children understand the potential power of their own life. We also want them to appreciate the beauty of God's creation and the richness and diversity of the world. Pupils will be encouraged to delight in their own and other peoples' gifts and talents. Activities that inspire a respect for God and develop a spiritual awareness will be regularly provided.

A Love for Childhood

We will endeavour to provide resources and foster attitudes that enhance and enrich each pupil's childhood. In a world of liberal media, peer pressure and parental stress, children can be forced to grow up unnecessarily quickly. Pupils will be encouraged to participate in children's fun and games when appropriate and to "see through the eyes of a child".

A Love for One Another

We aim to maintain a school where everyone tries to be respectful and considerate to one another. Friendly and caring attitudes and action will constantly be encouraged. Courtesy and good behaviour will be expected and positively reinforced. We hope to engender a positive team spirit amongst the pupils, a sense of respect in their school and their friendships.

These four goals are very important
and we hope all staff, children and
parents will actively support them
both in and out of school.